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              discovering    possibilities   with    plastic                                                                                                                                                 discovering    possibilities   with    plastic

              Mushroom / Rebar Caps


              SAFTY REBAR CAP SIZE

              • 1. 8-16
              • 2. 16-32

              Al Barshaa Plastics is a leading plastic manufacturer in UAE,We produce different plastic products for different sectors,in these we are producing different safty products for the construction companies in which safty Rebar or Mushroom Cap are produced

              Without Rebar Protection Caps,can cause a serious threat to employees from cuts, scratches, scrapes therefore many countries around the world have taken action to protect workers from this danger by enacting safety legislation that stipulates all exposed rebar ends must be covered.

              Key Product Features :

              • Inexpensive, cost effective rebar safety protection.
              • Reusable.
              • High visibility design for ease of inspection and avoidance
              • Can be produced in any color
              • Easy Fit & remove
              • Prevent from Accidents